Fighting Diabetes

The Foundation is dedicated to preventing diabetes, contributing to increased awareness and supporting the search for insights that reduce risk and help people living with diabetes to realize a better quality of life.  Our focus is on youth and other 'at risk' communities with an emphasis on disease prevention and disease self-management through education, clinical innovation and sustained support. Finding new models of care for diabetic youth faced with the daunting challenge of moving from the pediatric to adult healthcare system is one of our key priorities.

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Preserving a Legacy

In 2010, The Foundation committed to restoring, adapting and preserving the historic buildings on the 107 acre site of Sir Frederick’s birth. That objective was achieved in mid-2013 at which point the historic Octagonal Drive Shed had been fully restored, the Farmhouse gutted and adapted as a public exhibit venue, a new Heritage building added to facilitate barrier-free access and provide a limited but functional classroom to support program delivery. Municipal sanitary and water services were added along with other infrastructure. The result is a unique Diabetes Management and Education Centre (DMEC) venue in which families and visitors from around the world can enjoy a welcoming recreational experience combined with motivational education in the environment in which a great Canadian and medical giant was born and spent his early years. Our Programs to Fight Diabetes reflect our on-going commitment to that aspect of our Mission while nurturing the continued preservation of Banting's legacy.  

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Donate Now

Help us realize the benefits of:
* Strengthened emphasis on diabetes prevention
* Enhanced scope and quality of diabetes-related education
* Increased focus on at-risk communities
* Shorter paths to practical outcomes
* Improved futures for children and youth with diabetes
* Helping families to live with diabetes
* Increased capability and depth of skill for patient monitoring
* Sustaining a unique legacy through an inspirational public venue
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